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      I pray for every one of us really*


      As long as there is love in the heart, will not be lost*


      Printing written does not represent them is truth*


      For the grace of you love, I would rather have the enjoyment of humility*


      I love you* Promise me, you will love me forever*


      I wondered, why people misunderstand me to this degree*


      Before I entered youth, I felt like an old man*


      I like ordinary people* Bleed can be injured, also embarrassed easily*


      I'm not to become a god, but try to let the light of god shine in my heart*


      I continue to jump, the creation of the eternal dance, the creator and creation merge into a complete joy*


      If you want to the world a better place, then, look at yourself first, and then make a change*


      Lies at the sprint but truth is good at marathon* The truth eventually win the trial in court*


      Accept education is the most effective way is in the scene, see how the master creation*


      Only grasps the notion that use water to moisten the land, the groundwater is the land owners a fortune*


      Hit me, hate me, can never defeat me!!!!!!! Luring me, threatened me, you can never beat me!!!!!!!


      Strive to do your best, can't be the second or the third party* As long as you chose this way, you must be the best*


      I reiterate that I will never hurt a child* Those written in the media let I hate about my frustrations*


      In a world filled with hate, we still hope; In a world filled with despair, we still dare to dream*


      The meaning of life lies in every expression of life, it embodied in the form and the performance of the infinite extension, exists in all creation*


      No matter how much money did you earn, no matter how famous you are, you will still feel empty* You really looking for is unconditional love and tolerance*


      Know the person I will know the truth, that the child is the most important part of my life, I would never hurt any one of the children*


      Let's dream of a tomorrow, there is rising up from the bottom of love, we will understand a truth, love is like a heart full of creativity*


      I know myself and most of the same age, because I through a lot* But I am not crazy, I not mad, people just don't understand me*


      If with moved by love came to this world, if you also left with this move, so your life everything that has happened to nothing*


      I was lucky to get this gift, I also happy to return them to the world: through my music and dance feel the joy of nature and humanity*


      The children with a happy smile, tell me this gift is born* The purity of goodness in their heart, irradiation, eternal existence*


      I am now a vegetarian, and I lost a lot* I have been for years, strictly on a diet* I feel than ever before, I am more healthy and energetic*


      I remember once on my way to the studio, see there is a park across the street* I can see the children playing there, this picture makes me feel so sad cry, because I have to go to work*

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