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      When I was a child, I always thought you were too strict* Now I know it's the performance of your love* Teacher, I wish you a happy holiday!


      Your heart is as high as the sky* It is your kindness that is very deep, like the mountains* Please accept my sincere blessing* Dear teacher, happy Teachers' Day!


      My teacher, I always remember what you taught me, it was you that made me understand the truth of being a man*


      You are the bridge, the connection is cut off for our mountains, let us to harvest peaks; you are ivy, tough and slender, guide us to the cliff top pick of Ganoderma lucidum and ginseng*


      Teacher's day has come, I hope your life is good every day* My blessing is not late* I wish you a good mood* Let's give you luck to make you laugh* Happy birthday to you! BBK!


      Three feet of the podium, grey haired, peach garden, Lu Mei smile* Praise you, beloved teacher, bless you, beloved teacher!


      Teacher's Day is here* Do you want to give a gift to the teacher? I'm going to take a Beijing roast duck with a bundle of Tsingtao Brewery and a Shanghai hairy crab to talk to my teacher*


      All the yearning, more integrated with the endless gratitude and respect, wish your festival is full of bright, peace! Happy Teacher's Day!


      Teacher, you are the designer of the grand blueprint of the motherland, and is engaged in the most glorious cause* Is not who is not only a candle, spinning for their own cocoon of silkworm!


      On the journey of life, you kindled the light of hope for me, and enriched my mind to add my wisdom to you* Happy Teacher's Day!


      The hands of the chalk slowly diffuse love ash, this is your original black dyed white hair* On this special day, give a sentence: the teacher, you are hard!


      You are the engineer of the soul! We always respect you and love you! I wish you everything, every day a good mood!


      You, give the warmth of the sun, is you, with sweat to irrigate the seedlings, or you, careful care of the flowers open, what can I thank you for? My dear teacher!


      Yesterday you shaped the talent with truth and wisdom, and today I want to dip into the soul of the human being* Drinking water with its source, learn to read plato!


      Dedicated to the beloved teacher: we search for those beautiful and durable memories, but also silently and far away to bless you forever healthy and happy!


      Not often greeting, but put it in the heart; not often blessings, also miss in the heart* Teacher's day, you are willing to be healthy, happy, happy life, always happy!


      When we pick fruit harvest time, you are left to their own is fenbihui hair with white hair* Salute to you, dear teacher!


      As high as the sky is your heart, like the mountains as deep as your kindness, please accept my sincere blessing, happy Teacher's Day!


      Dear teacher, your teachings such as the spring breeze, like Rui Yu, in my heart forever* I wish you a pious wish, Kangle!


      Happy Teacher's Day! The past is the prologue*, a teacher for a day is a father for a lifetime* Before, now, in the future, you will always be my teacher*


      I wish to enrich my wishes to you with my wishes and gratitude, and may every year and every day be filled with happiness and joy*


      I wish you a splendid flower in your garden and the fruits of the orchard* Wish you a full smile and a rich gratification* Everyone who loves you want to see you laugh!


      In the eyes of your attention, I have given me endless confidence and courage! You are my forever teacher! Sincerely wish you health and happiness!


      To the beloved teacher: as high as the sky is your heart, as deep as the mountain is your kindness! Teacher! Please accept my sincere wishes*


      We love you, a young teacher; you are like a spruce, as deep as a blue sky; you have learned, and a heart that is in harmony with us*


      A piece of chalk the sleeves swaying with every soft breeze three feet four podium barometer, plus the viscera, all sorts of gossip, nine think very carefully, drops of sweat Cheng Zi Tao Li Fang world*


      Is a symbol of growth -- on another journey* Is your teacher, for we can open up new path to bend*


      Maybe I am not your favorite student, but you are the person I will thank all my life* It is you that makes me learn how to grow up!


      No one is more than you deserve such a deep gratitude* Only this day is not enough to express gratitude to you*


      Those past memories are always remembered* Nowadays, the culture we are used to is permeated with the teacher's breath, grateful heart, and always remember your teachings*


      My teacher is no longer naughty and has thrived in my own business* The ringtone has become the past, the only thing that does not change is the thoughts of the students*


      On the journey of life, you have kindled the light of hope for me to enrich my mind and add my wisdom to you* Teachers wish you health forever! Cheerful! Happiness*


      You are the messenger of civilization, you are a hard gardener, sincerely thank you, and wish you a healthy and happy life*


      I sing the praises of chalk* It gives me knowledge, outlines my soul, points to my future, is that beautiful chalk your incarnation? Thank you, teacher!


      The face is not old, the heart has vicissitudes, how many days and nights, boil out of the white hair, the blood* The teacher's day, the teacher's feeling, is really unforgettable* Only if you are willing to take care of your body, happiness and well-being*


      If you can choose, I am still you can't leave students; if you can come back, I must be your best student!


      The stubborn perseverance can conquer any peak in the world* When you teach the inferior in this year, I can control life today* Teacher, you are hard!


      When the stars are hidden in the distant sky, the light still shines in front of your window* Because of your persistence, we have a bright tomorrow! Happy holidays!


      I am not your best student, but you are my most reverent teacher* On your holiday, your students wish you to be young forever! Happy Teacher's Day!


      You are the cornerstone of particle's skyscrapers, you cross the river every pier, you are in the construction of the motherland in themainstay* Happy holiday, teacher!


      Today's sun is rising for you* Today's flowers are in full bloom* Today's hymns sing for you, and today's eagles fly for you!


      My beloved teacher, your teaching makes me know such a beautiful world, and your blood makes me feel the colorful life*


      When we pick fruit harvest time, you are left to their own were fenbihui hair with white hair* Salute to you, dear teacher! Happy Teacher's Day!


      You are a tall and tall tree* Once you have ripe fruit, you engraved the old ring on your body* There is a forest on your side*


      Is as heavy as a mountain, the students did not dare to forget, borrow your holiday to send a blessing, wish you good health, good luck in everything, peach garden!

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