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      To overcome the difficulties, can make the difficulties into opportunities*


      Multi-purpose good to see the world; Don't blindly to please others*


      All the secret only two words: perseverance, stick it out*


      Feel yourself to and can't do that, in fact, only between a read*


      Low down the anticipation in advance then the concern's for people could be more comfortable*


      What is failure? Failure is the first step to something better*


      Should treat others kindly when being proud, because you need them when you down*


      Life is the secret of success is a good chance comes, seize it immediately*


      Cause a positive life, positive thinking negative thoughts lead negative life*


      Let's concerns, will advance change to advance thinking and planning!


      Opportunity to everyone, but many people don't know they come across it*


      A wise man is always seize the opportunity to turn it into a better future*


      Not man for the access to give; To give itself is unparalleled joy*


      No one without contempt, endurance and struggle to conquer fate*


      Learn a concession, for cheap* Add a share, minus one points and blessings*


      If you want to meaning and joy for you, you must give meaning to the world*


      Difficulties like spring, see you is not very strong* You strong he is weak, you weak he was strong*


      Leave some baggage, you will be surprised that you can fly so high*


      Diligence can make up the lack of wise, but the wise cannot make up for the defects of laziness*


      If you want to have the perfect friendship, possibly you may find no friend for all lifetime*


      Treat yourself, don't be about others, also don't go around others, confident and elegant*


      As long as the continuous efforts, unremitting struggle, no not things*


      The hardships of the road, only oneself know* Passing happiness, only oneself and clear*


      Human life's work, choiceness or poor, are formed by his habit each*


      Only persistence can make you achieve a goal, only knowledge can make you right from the world*


      When your talent also can't afford to support your ambition, then you should calm down and study*


      Every night to sit in a chair, exhausted from a day didn't feel real*


      Responsibilities and rights are twins, want to enjoy rights, and then have the courage to take responsibility*


      Can't waste one's life, do what you can do is interesting and useful life*


      No matter how steep mountains, are always for those who left a climbing road*


      As long as it is hard-working bee, in the life of the vast wilderness, honey can be found everywhere*


      Only dedication to society, to find out the meaning of life is actually short and risky*


      Successful people do what others don't want to do, do people dare to do, do what others can't do!


      Burnout is a great misfortune, so we struggle; Discouragement is the root cause of failure, so we are confident*


      Refused to perfectionism; Real world syncopation with perfectionist, it just come to work*


      A person's experience is in hard to find, there is only a mature years mill can make it*


      A person only see their scar didn't know what is pain, what is right and wrong*


      If you taste bitter hateful setbacks, friends, stand and will let you taste the joy of life*


      Our today's life is a choice of three years ago, we after three years of life is the choice of today*


      When you feel yourself full of spirit, full of confidence, people will think you are a worthy of trust*


      A true friend is not together have talk not over, but even if not to say a word don't feel embarrassed*


      A good to love, to life* Remember, every day the sun is new, don't failed to live up to good morning light*


      Lit the torch is not to the torch itself, just like our virtue should surpass yourself to give light to others*


      Will talk less and do more, and nothing but get the attention of others; Will say much less, and nothing but ignored by others*


      Don't get bogged down in the past* If you always with a section in the previous chapter, you couldn't open a new page in life*


      Weight to the person, knowledge achievement luster to the person, most people just saw the brilliance, and not to weigh weight*


      Some truth of life, seemingly mysterious empty spirit, irrelevant, but they are the source of the details of life*


      Anchor is not afraid to bury myself* When people see it, is it at the time of service to humanity*


      We have nothing, only money is the youth* Dream let me different, let me change the fate!


      Let youth against the old, long hair against the bald, passion against the stale, against the past, the future how natural it is!


      I never stopped to read the new technology and new knowledge in the books, not because they don't understand new information and the trend of The Times*


      A person may believe that many useless talk, but still can be in a reasonable way and happy to arrange his daily work*


      The weak only extremely difficult, while the brave way; A fool only sound lament, wise men qian wan road*


      On the way to work, maybe we work is very ordinary, as long as you do, and are not ordinary ordinary work*


      Good method can make us better to play to the talent, and poor method can hinder to play*


      If you refuse to pay efforts to gain success, then you might want to use the lifetime of the patient to endure failure*


      Knowledge, discrimination, integrity, knowledge and of good moral character, is the main condition of success, after interest and opportunity*


      A person should rely on their own habits, even in the most critical time, also want to believe my courage and perseverance*


      Each person's life has many dream, but if one constant trouble with you, the rest is just action*


      Life's biggest sorrow is not to lose too much, but caring too much, this is also the important reasons for a person not happy*


      Conquer fear the quickest, indeed, the method of building self-confidence is to do the thing you fear, until you obtain successful experience*


      With rational conscious attitude in life, people can overcome their past think cannot solve the tragedy*


      To his parents for the less the better, the less to the society for the better; Copies of the book, many hats to wisdom for the more the better*


      Healthy body is the foundation of good style of study is a condition, diligence is the premise and method of study is the key, the psychological quality is the guarantee*


      No one can degrade us except ourselves* What if we are strong, there is no bad influence can defeat us*


      Polish, and make people unbearable, struggling, but it can make the strong stand more quite, go more steady, have stronger will to fight*


      Sincerely make you damage sometimes, but your mind is quiet; False sometimes make you for cheap, but your soul is uncomfortable*


      Every day you the price is higher than the day before, because your life is too short for a day, so every day you should be more active*


      Complex simple things to do simple things to seriously, do serious things to repeat, repeat things to do creatively*


      Do not go to work, not to sow, again fat fertile soil also don't grow crops, not to strive, not to create, again beautiful youth also can not out of the fruit*


      Fate because internally, make a life; Due to the rough fate, open-minded life; Fate because of setbacks, hard life; Fate because of twists and turns, deeply loves the life*


      Exert oneself to do STH* No matter how are you today, tomorrow the leaves will be floating down, there are a lot of things cannot be ahead of time, live in the present moment, towards ascension*


      Human nature is the most poor: we always dream of the horizon of a wonderful rose garden, and not to appreciate in our Windows open roses today*


      Is good to be true, and seeking truth from facts, this is a peculiar style of scientific workers, let us explore endless truth in the boundless universe long river*


      Use of existing resources orderly and increased resources to improve the integrated function of the system, are two equally important for managers to work*


      Courageous enough to bear, to pay, have the courage to change* Seize every minute, go all out* Zoom in dream, continuously working* To surpass ourselves and to win in the future*


      And not all competition; Don't worry about other people doing than you* Concentrate on the break the record for you every day* Success is a battle between you and your*


      Sometimes, free and easy a bit, eyes away from her; A little tolerance, in the heart then brighter* Around the world often than we thought it would be wise and tolerance*


      Wisdom itself is hidden in our minds, remove the inert, dare to go beyond themselves, will make its own wisdom fully revealed, to get the final success*


      Wear digging into the depths of the soul, makes a man by the end of mental torture and trauma, and that is, from this and sidelined and practice and, deleting is bitter, but the Su Sheng road*

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